Holidays: The Unsure Where You Stand Gift

Ok fellas it’s crunch time.  If you haven’t gotten all of your Holiday shopping done, and still don’t know what to buy that entrancing girl you just met not to long ago, or not sure if you should buy her a gift at all… Don’t worry, Passport Paper is at your rescue! These are the top gifts to get that special female who’s not quite so special yet.  You don’t want break the bank and come too strong, and you don’t want to look like the Grinch’s grandson either.  These gifts may get you a little extra mistletoe action.  Thank us later.

5. InSound Headphone Hoodie

This gift is a hit or miss.  If she rides the train into work, she may love it.  If not, she’ll probably think it’s cute and happy you tried, then rag on you to all of her girlfriends… but hey, there’s no such thing as bad press.  And for $50 bucks it’s different, and none of those cackling broads can say they have one. Purchase Here

4.Bath and Body Spa Basket

This gift is always a go to favorite, but especially in this situation.  All girls love to feel and smell good, and it also shows, her presentation is important to you.  As well, if her holiday is going good enough you just may be able to try these products out with her.  Price range $25-75.

3. MAC Lip Gloss Kit

You can never go wrong with women cosmetics.  Again, you want to try to purchase something that will benefit you as well!  Since you’re not quite at the Vicky stage yet, maybe she’ll let you try out each flavor!

2. D&G iPad Case or Cell Phone Case

Bottom line is women love brands… You didn’t get her the D&G or Birkin bag… but if you’ve just started dating, she’ll look at this just the same.  If she’s got the iPad, go with the iPad case, for only $85, it’s a good look.  Cell phone case is $58.  Purchase Here

1. A Cook Book & Reservations

Ok, hopefully she knows you to have a sense of humor, if not this will help her see you do have a funny bone.  Hit her with the cook book first; watch her showcase her confusion, then let her know you’ve also made reservations at the best restaurant you can think of.  You’ll both have a great time, and whenever she looks at the cook book she’ll remember it, and you!

Remember these gifts are only if you wish to advance with the female in question.  If not, don’t buy her a damn thing!!

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