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Adidas Top Ten’s Xmas 2010

Adidas is gearing up for the 2010 holiday season with a few new Top Ten’s. If someone actually played basketball in the “boot” colorway it would look very weird, but who buys sneakers to play in anymore?? We stamping these or leaving them behind??

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Tattoo’d Thoughts

To tat or not to tat, is that still even a question??? Here’s a collage I came across that I thought was interesting. And just so you know, we have a comments section down below. Let’s have some dialogue, are you tatted and why/why not? Post some of yours or some of your favorite tats.

This is for the fellows who like women with tats. You’re welcome!

Water Powered Alarm Clock

If you happen to be the boss of a small company and want to really tick your employees off….here’s the perfect X-mas gift. An alarm clock powered entirely by tap water. The old, “I’m running late because my power went out last night.” will no longer be a useful excuse. But then again, you could always blame your significant other for not paying the water bill…your call.

2 Tenants, 1 Duplex

I know what you’re thinking…that bird had to be genetically altered (think KFC) to be able to survive under water in the fish tank with the goldfish. Well, you’re wrong!! She came up with the idea of making fish mad by placing them in the middle of a noisy bird cage. All bad jokes aside, very cool idea.

Quote Of The Day


Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Original Moonshine

Let me start by saying, we’ve never tasted The Original Moonshine. That being said, I love HBO’s new show Boardwalk Empire which is all about illegal booze during Prohibition. Illegal booze = Moonshine, there’s the tie in to explain my reasoning for the post.

It’s fresh, it’s new. Try it and let us know if we should stamp it!

The Almighty Fab Five


Bald heads, baggy shorts, black socks…trend setters! A couple kids from Detroit changed the entire college basketball landscape.  (Enough props, we’re sounding sappy)

Here’s a bit of knowledge…Juwan is still playing! Who knew. *shrug

Order here

Ugly Girls In Sunglasses

If the first thing your boyfriend says to you before he reluctantly takes you out is, “Hey Babe, you’re going to wear your sunglasses right??”

Chances are he doesn’t think that highly of you. #imjustsayin

By the way, I’m glad someone other than just me has thought about this epidemic sweeping the nation. I knew I wasn’t the only one!!

Quote Of The Day

We have a choice every day – to act on yesterday’s good intentions or get an early start on tomorrow’s regrets.

Dominican Republic x All-Inclusive x $80p/p/d

You know we love Latin culture (especially beautiful art wink-wink), so we want to help you see it in person. Become one with art if you will.

Barceló Hotels & Resorts have slashed All-Inclusive prices by up to 30% off rack rates. There are six resorts to choose from on the island for a January getaway. Take a long weekend and put away those winter hats we told you about yesterday. Want more info….of course you do!! Click here

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