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Gucci Dog Carrier

Do you have a tiny dog that you spoil rotten? The type that won’t eat canned food, has his own personal chef and he actually wears clothes in the winter?? Continue reading

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Bathing “Ape Head Patch” Day Bag

If you want to be extra cool on the yard, or impress the “hot-smart girl” who sits in the front… This newly introduced Bape day bag is for you!  Whether you plan to use it at the airport, stash your work (we mean school work of course), or impress all the “Material Girls” in your class, this item is sure to score you a few cool points across the board.  For $219 you may be able to do just enough to impress that young tenderoni into doing a little more than your Pre-Cal homework…

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Got $25,000?? Get a pair of ’86 MJ Game Worn AJ1’s

These are amongst the most exclusive J’s around. Game worn AJ1’s from a 1986 regular season game against the Boston Celtics. Mike was 4 games into his return from an ankle injury, hence the extra support straps (upper and through the sneaker). If you happened to have came up on AMRN in the stock market this week (inside joke) then you might have a spare $25k to Buy It Now off of Ebay. If not, you can always and hope to get a steal. Enough talking, more pics after the jump…
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Nixon Summer 2011 “The Passport”

No, we do not have anything to do with this watch, but we’ll probably purchase a couple for the crew.  The Passport is Nixon’s first analog world time movement watch.  It’s stainless steel and you can control the world time function by the bezel.  It comes in 3 colors (see after the jump) and cost you between $450-$500.  What can we say? This watch was made to be “Stamped” by us. Continue reading

Retro Air Trainer SC II vs. 89′ Air Trainer SC II

Nike has decided to re-release the Bo Jackson Nike Air Trainer SC II (picture on the left).  Our staff at Passport Paper had a discussion as to which colorway was better, the Retro white/grey/volt or the OG 89′ white/grey/pink.  Share your thoughts and let’s us know what you think. Continue reading

Lil B x The Hundreds

2011 has been the year of Lil B.  The over use Swag, Wonton Soup, Cookin Dance, Based God are all phrases Lil B has coined and brainwashed into peoples heads. Lil B is a bag of surprises to say the least, recently at Coachella he announced his album would be titled “I’m Gay“.  Weird antics of this sort do not stop big names from co-signing him and California-“based”(no pun) clothing company, The Hundreds even decided to drop a collection of T-Shirts with him. Check out the Tees after the jump. Continue reading

Top 5 Solid Red Sneakers

Nike Air PR1 Varsity Red

All RED EVERYTHING!  Solid red sneakers are not the easiest footwear to pull off unless your Lil Wayne or Birdman (if you catch my drift).  With the recent release of the Nike Air PR1, I was inspired to compose a Top 5 all red sneaker list.  Let me know if I missed any of your favorites and who you thought should get number 1.  Check out the list after the jump. Continue reading


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