Pepsi Co. Social Vending

In a desperate attempt to keep up with its competitor Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co. has decided to blend touch-screen vending and social networking together.  The machine allows you to send a Pepsi product to a friend by entering their name and phone number.  Your friend receives a text message and they can pick up the drink at their local interactive vending machine.  You have the option to send an awkward 10 second video to the person who’s receiving the drink.  The option to send a Pepsi product to a complete stranger is also available for all of you Philanthropist out there.  Pepsi Co. definitely seems like their trying too hard and the old guys over there still lack the understanding of social networking. Try again. This does not get the “Stamp” of approval.

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Mr. Tea

No that’s not Rick Ross with a mohawk, it’s Mr. T.  I never thought I would see the day when a tea party and the A-Team’s toughest member would intersect.  Mr. T Tea seems to be the most masculine way to enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea with the fellas.  Each Mr. T Tea is only $8.30 so buy a few for the gang.  Buy here. Continue reading

Top 5 Solid Red Sneakers

Nike Air PR1 Varsity Red

All RED EVERYTHING!  Solid red sneakers are not the easiest footwear to pull off unless your Lil Wayne or Birdman (if you catch my drift).  With the recent release of the Nike Air PR1, I was inspired to compose a Top 5 all red sneaker list.  Let me know if I missed any of your favorites and who you thought should get number 1.  Check out the list after the jump. Continue reading

Fring Group: 4 Way Video Calling for Free

Fring, the 4 way video app has gone live and is now available for everyone. If your phone is compatible with iOS 4.x and Android 1.5+ devices can now have up to three friends, cousins, wife & kids, girlfriends (Hugh Hef style), or whatever combination you like on one video call. You’re available to do this over WiFi, 3G, or 4G. It’s a free service, why not have it. Check out the Fring video (It’s not the coolest video I seen, sorry) after the jump. Continue reading

Hand Gun USB Drive

You want to be a gangster?  Well this will definitely NOT make you one.  This is a great USB to have, but don’t look forward to receiving any street cred after “flash”ing one of these. (No pun intended) “The Handgun USB Drive comes with 4GB of storage and is USB 2.0 compatible, it will work with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS and it measures 75mm by 54mm and 12mm”. Price ($22). Purchase here. Continue reading

Timberland New Market Trans Boot

Now I haven’t personally bought a pair of Timberland boots recent years.  Kanye West tried to bring back the Butter-Soft Double Sole Timberland a few years back, but the people didn’t bite.  The Timberland New Market Trans Boot might actually make my closet this year. Made with “Bionic Canvas with organic cotton, recycled PET and HT polyester“, makes this boot green and also clean.  For a cool $100 you can purchase a cool pair of Timbos.  See who is sporting this footwear after the jump. Continue reading

Sony Tablets S1 and S2 (Video)

It seems 2011 has been the year of tablets.  With the iPad kicking things off last year, it seems everyone is on board with their tablet movement this go round.  In Tokyo, Sony recently unveiled its tablets the S1 which has a wedge shape and 9.4 inch display screen. The S2 is a foldable, dual-screen 5.5 inch displays tablet, that can easily fit in your pocket. Continue reading