Android Users, Meet Instagram!!

The good folks over at @Instagram have finally unleashed the beast for all of you Android users!! No need to worry about your iPhone friends showing off or having to download crappy programs that are nowhere near as cool.

Now if only you idiots that actually pay for Blackberry service would get a clue, all would be right with the mobile world…..for now anyways!

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Gametel Bluetooth Controller for Android & iOS

The Gametel Bluetooth Controller served as a Android only device, but now compatiable for iOS and PCs.  The controller has been available in Europe and looks to be coming to the States in the first quarter.  If you’re if tire of using the touch screen for all you mobile games then this should be a great alternative.  For around $60 you’ll be able to purchase this device soon.

Source: Engadget

Porche Design Blackberry

For all my corporate friends who check thousands of emails on your Crackberry, here is the phone that actually matches the Porsche Carrera 911 Turbo you bought with your last bonus.  With the Porsche Design P’9981 Blackberry BBM never seemed so sexy. Stainless steel frame, QWERTY keyboard, and a bunch of high-tech features makes this one of the most advanced phones out.  Definitely pick up of these if you want to show everyone at the board meeting you’re really talking business.  Click here for more info.

GTA III: 10th Year Anniversary Edition for iPad2, iPhone4S, & Android Phones

You can now delete your app for Crime City and all other apps that contain urban violence.  Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition is coming to iPad2, iPhone 4S, and various Android Phones.  Now you can stroll throw Liberty City killing innocent people and having Siri order you Papa Johns all at the same time.  Life is GOOD.

Latest Fantasy Football Apps

If you are in the “KNOW”, you have either an Android based phone or an iPhone. That said, ESPN has released free apps this year that you can use to access your fantasy football teams and make moves directly from your phone. I suggest you hit the download link below and sign up, it makes it easier to make last minute moves after injury news (and to check your scores when Sunday church service spills past 1:15…not that I’m advocating it. PLEASE LORD DON’T STRIKE ME DOWN!!!) Have fun this year and good luck!!

PS If you are still using a Blackberry…you have bigger issues!! Holla at me and we can work out a referral bonus or something…

iPhone app:

Android app:

Use Your Playstation Control on your Android Phone

If you’re apart of #teamandroid and have are into games then this is a must have.  This “Sixaxis Controller” app allows you to use a Playstation Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller with Android-powered phones and tablets games play games on. For $1.67 this app is available on the Android market.

Google+ iPhone App

Google+ reported last week that they currently have 10 million users and hopefully they can persuade a few more with the iPhone App.  Already having the Google+ Android app it was only a matter of time before they catered to #teamiPhone.  If you’re still wondering why to join in on the Google+, don’t worry we don’t see what’s the big deal either.  But one thing we do know is that Google doesn’t half ass so will watching to see how this turns out.