The Hundreds x Hex Code Wallet


In time for the iPhone 4s dropping today, The Hundreds and Hex brings you this exclusive code wallet.  Buying an Otterbox is cool if you want your iPhone 4s to look like a transformer, but the Code Wallet says something special about the person using their phone.  Keep your most important daily items together (phone & wallet duh!) and do it with style.  While you’re waiting in the 4 hour line to get your phone, order this online here. More pics after the jump. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Free

So how does a free iTunes game land on a lifestyle blog….I’ll tell you. Steve Jobs aka The Great Innovator (I hold rights to that nickname) passed yesterday and he most certainly has changed/affected your life or someone close to you in the last 7 years. From iMac’s to iPods to Macbooks to iPads and the almighty iPhone aka The Game Changer (I hold rights to this as well)…Mac is where it’s at. So in honor of Steve Jobs…here’s a free app for your Apple device.

I wish I could have give you something a little more climatic there at the end but I ran out of hyperbole and accomplishments. Happy downloading!!

(I almost forgot about iTunes aka The Big Warehouse (I won’t claim this weak ass nickname…Tito, you’re up!)

Latest Fantasy Football Apps

If you are in the “KNOW”, you have either an Android based phone or an iPhone. That said, ESPN has released free apps this year that you can use to access your fantasy football teams and make moves directly from your phone. I suggest you hit the download link below and sign up, it makes it easier to make last minute moves after injury news (and to check your scores when Sunday church service spills past 1:15…not that I’m advocating it. PLEASE LORD DON’T STRIKE ME DOWN!!!) Have fun this year and good luck!!

PS If you are still using a Blackberry…you have bigger issues!! Holla at me and we can work out a referral bonus or something…

iPhone app:

Android app:

Google+ iPhone App

Google+ reported last week that they currently have 10 million users and hopefully they can persuade a few more with the iPhone App.  Already having the Google+ Android app it was only a matter of time before they catered to #teamiPhone.  If you’re still wondering why to join in on the Google+, don’t worry we don’t see what’s the big deal either.  But one thing we do know is that Google doesn’t half ass so will watching to see how this turns out.