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Nas – Illmatic Premium Collector’s Edition Bundle

If you were born in the early to mid 80′s (and late 80′s if you had older brother’s or cousin’s) you know the relevancy that Illmatic plays in the history of rap music. The innocative folks at Get On Down are bringing it to you in a way never done before… Continue reading

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Frankly Speaking

Well, it’s been over 2 weeks since Frank Ocean dropped a bomb on the industry and fans alike. I for one was caught a bit off guard when he felt the need to share his “alternative” experiences. My initial reaction was confusion, but not that he “came out” but more so as to why he would jeopardize his brand and product by taking such a risk. Now a days we know waaaay too much about people in the spotlight. We can follow their every move on Twitter, and see what they’ve had for lunch on Instagram. To reveal what you do behind closed doors seemed unnecessary in a digital age where not too many moments are sacred anymore. Now a days it seems our celebs know nothing about building mystique, but after some thought I realized that’s exactly what Frank was doing.

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Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV is selling for a QUARTER!!!

Are you still holding out on buying Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV and need just the right push to get you over the edge??? Well the marketing “genius’” over at YMCMB (or the parent company) have decided to sell the album for $.25. Yes you read that right…a quarter. Link after the jump Continue reading

New Music: Broadway – #2TheMoney ft. Fabolous

@_Broadway_ & @Myfabolouslife have teamed up on 2 The Money (prod by AraabMuzik) just in time for the weekend. We’ve been telling you guys about Broadway for quite a while now and it seems everyone else is finally catching on. Not sure what flight they are on, but I need to book my ticket…straight #2TheMoney!!

Download Here

Fabolous, Paul Cain & Broadway Soul Tape performance after the jump…
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App of the Week: Planetary

Planetary is an all-new, stunningly beautiful way to explore your music collection, available only on iPad.  Fly through a 3D universe dynamically created by information about the recording artists you love. Visit planets that represent your favorite albums and control the playback of your music on iPad by browsing and selecting astronomical objects.  Stars represent artists, planets represent albums, and moons represent songs.  Tap something to hear it, or just browse around the incredibly gorgeous and lush space-scape.  For more info click here

Fabolous – The S.O.U.L. Tape

The wait is finally over! Fabolous has dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, The S.O.U.L. Tape. With features from known heavyweights such as Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, Red Cafe and Trey Songz… Continue reading

Beats by Dr.Dre x ColorWare

ColorWare who is known for custom and spicing up the latest tech products has done it again with Beats by Dr.Dre, “Chrome Beats“.  For a $1,000, you own a pair of these limited bad boys.  ColorWare is only going to make 50 so get yours now!

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Song Of The Day

Frank Ocean – Novacane
I can’t stamp the whole Odd Future movement but this…it’s Stamped!

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Cassette to MP3 Converter

First things first, if you’ve never  used a cassette tape…go to the next post cause this one isn’t for you. Continue reading

Fabolous’ New Artist: BROADWAY

It seems like 2011 has been full of bad news. One good thing to look forward to this year is BROADWAY.  New Jersey born and raised, but the music is global.  Songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer, he’s what you call your “everything guy”.  After years of hard work and some help from his manager L.O., his musical talents reached the ears of platinum recording artist Fabolous. Now, the newest member of the Street Family team, Broadway is here to “Stamp” his lifestyle and continue to bring a high caliber of music with his anticipated mixtape, “Dream & Nightmares”. Featured on “Drugs” from the critically acclaimed Soul Tape and 2 other Soul Tape tracks…this is surely only the beginning. Check out the Street Family Photo Shoot and some music below:

Broadway Facebook/Music Page
Broadway – Sounds Like
Broadway – All The Money
Broadway – Slow It Down feat. Paul Cain


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