2 Chainz – GOOD Morning (Europe Version)

I know, we usually don’t do music videos here at Passport Paper, but I love the visuals and energy so what the hell? Listen, watch, and act ratchet! 2 Chhhhaaaaiiiiinnnnzzzzz!!!!!

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3-D Air Jordan 2012 Passport

On February 7th, Jordan Brand with be revealing its Air Jordan 2012 at a special event.  The company has sent out these Air Jordan 2012 Passports as an invitation to exclusive guests to attend the sneaker ceremony.  The Passport includes 3-D glasses and a multi-page preview of the shoes.  Check out the detail pics of the Passport after the jump.

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“MOMOT and the Paper Factory”- 1st Exhibition

MOMOT, best known for their 3-D paper figures are having their 1st Exhibition- MOMOT and the Paper Factory.  The exhibition is held in Hongdae at the W.D.S. Gallery (that’s in Seoul, South Korea).  The gallery is open 1-10pm and  ends September 3rd.  Just in case some of my Passporters out there can’t make it, checks out some of the pics after the jump.

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Bric’s Valise Carry-On Bags

If you’re still wearing your school book bag as luggage, it’s graduation time.  Don’t board your next flight without a Bric’s Carry-On Bag.  You may not be sitting in first class (we hope you are), but at least you can go to Coach with dignity.  The right bag can make you look important, feel confident, and look like you’re going to special places (even if you’re just taking a trip for your Aunt’s B-Day) Continue reading

7 Crazy Things that Could Happen after the NBA Lockout

It seems David Stern is holding strong with the NBA Lockout and Passport Paper has come up with 7 Possible Outcomes they may be a result if the lockout actually happens this 2011/2012 season. Check out the list after the jump. Continue reading

Nixon Summer 2011 “The Passport”

No, we do not have anything to do with this watch, but we’ll probably purchase a couple for the crew.  The Passport is Nixon’s first analog world time movement watch.  It’s stainless steel and you can control the world time function by the bezel.  It comes in 3 colors (see after the jump) and cost you between $450-$500.  What can we say? This watch was made to be “Stamped” by us. Continue reading