Top Reality _ _ _ _ (_) Girls (Or You Can Enter Your Own 4 letter Word)

Passport Paper is all about the hustle, no matter what trick or trade it stems from.  This time we’re giving our props to the top reality show females who’ve been able to go from nothin to somethin by putting their looks or personality on display.  Again, you had to come from nothing and make something of yourself so Kardashians and those descending from known money are excluded.  Some may say these girls need a reality check… Just make sure you make it out to their government name.

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40oz NYC x Atmos T-shirt Release Party

Even though I think the excessive use of putting your middle finger in cameras needs to be abolished, this Atmos T-Shirt release seemed like a really good time. What’s better than pretty girls drinking beer?

Tattoo’d Thoughts

To tat or not to tat, is that still even a question??? Here’s a collage I came across that I thought was interesting. And just so you know, we have a comments section down below. Let’s have some dialogue, are you tatted and why/why not? Post some of yours or some of your favorite tats.

This is for the fellows who like women with tats. You’re welcome!