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A Brief History of Rappers on GQ Magazine Covers

With YMCMB’s artist Drake recently gracing the cover of GQ’s April issue, the Passport Paper team decided to do a little research. GQ has been the premier men’s magazine for over 50 years and has featured plenty of top athletes, models, actors, and entertainers. With the genre of hip hop only being born in the late 70’s and early 80’s it’s no surprise that a rapper wasn’t seen on a cover til many years down the line. By now we know that rap music is more than a fad and even “gentlemen” like to listen to Rick Ross every once in a while. If you don’t see a rapper on the cover then I can guarantee you there’s an article inside that’s involving one. So it seems rap has become more than music and evolved into an undeniable lifestyle. Check out the brief history of “GQ” Rappers after the jump.

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Air Jordan 5 “Grapes” Face Off (Actor’s Edition)

With the most recent release being in 2006, rumors spread last year for the return of the AJ5 “Grapes”, but to no avail the high anticipated sneaker never dropped.  Passport Paper decided to take a trip down memory lane to see who originally sported the shoe the best.  Hopefully after our post of homage the Jordan Brand will provide us with a release date (wishful thinking).  Check out “Air Jordan 5 “Grape Face Off” amongst 3 actors and let us know who wore them the best. Continue reading

The Women Of The Fresh Prince

Last week we put together our top 5 sitcom couples, and now that all of that love stuff is over, let’s focus on how you’re really suppose to do it. Will Smith took advantage of being the star of the show by bringing in damn near all of the hottest black female stars of that time. Some… Ok, most of these ladies careers have stalled, but in the 90’s decade, they were atop of many “fly girl” list. Checkout our bracket, and see if there’s any upsets after the jump.

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@Complex A Comple Guide to Martin’s Sneakers

In the 90s, two guys that provided good comedy and a sick sneaker collection were The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence).  I thought of the idea of doing a Martin sneaker guide myself, but BIG shout out to @Complex for actually going through watching all the seasons to do it.  Click here to see how Detroit’s favorite radio/television personality brought some sneaker swag to the sitcom.

Will Smith: Words of Wisdom (Video)

Will Smith doesn’t really need an introduction. He’s a megastar and his kids are making millions and still carrying iCarly lunch boxes.  What he has to say is actually motivating.  Touching on subjects such as hard work vs. talent. You may not agree with everything, but I’m sure you will like a majority of it.

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